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Home Equity Line of Credit – HELOC

Getting a Home Equity Line of Credit

No matter how much we avoid, we all get embroiled in the vicious circle of debt. Borrowing money from financial institutions is a necessity. But when the debt spirals out of control, it is time to reign in. This is where our Home Equity Line of Credit programs steps in.

If you are struggling with debt, Canada MGC provides the perfect solution to manage your present financial situation. Our low interest HELOC program helps you take advantage of the equity in your home.

Choose the smarter way to borrow money instead of being saddled with oppressive debt with no end in sight. Call us at 1-866-963-CMGC (2642) to know more about HELOC.

Why Home Equity Line of Credit – Benefits of HELOC

  • Access Money at Any Time – Once you secure a credit line, funds can be accessed any time through various channels including cheque, online transfer, ATM or telephone.
  • Fixed Rate Advantage – Lock partial or complete HELOC balance with a fixed interest rate and enjoy regular fixed income.
  • Choose from Secured or Unsecured line of Credit
  • Flexible Payment Options – We provide a range of options to repay credit. Choose the plan that easily matches your current financial situation.
  • Instant Credit Availability – As soon as repayments are complete, credit is available again instantly. You can borrow again instantly without going through application process.
  • Optional Line Protector Insurance – It provides valuable low-cost protection during times of distress.
  • Zero service/administrative fees on unused credit.

After reading these, do you still want to go for high interest credit card debts? Call our HELOC experts today or apply online.

Choose HELOC for Anything

  • Life is a surprise at every turn! You never know when you may need financial assistance. Here is what HELOC can be used for:
  • Pay College education fee
  • Manage wedding finances
  • Pay off higher interest rate debts
  • Fund home renovations
  • Handle healthcare needs
  • Buy a second vacation home
  • Invest in Stocks and fixed income products

HELOC – Borrow Smarter, Not Harder!

  • Access up to 80% of your Home’s Value – Homeowners can avail up to 80% of your home’s present value after subtracting the mortgage.
  • Low Interest Rates – Canada MGC helps clients secure lowest HELOC interest rates in Canada.
  • Use as Much as you Want – Unlike home loans, you do not use the entire equity available to you under HELOC. For example, if you are entitled to $50,000 under home equity line of credit, you can choose to access just $10,000 and pay interest on the amount chosen only.
  • Interest only Payments – Homeowners are responsible for paying the interest only on amount withdrawn. You don’t pay interest on the entire principal amount.
  • Interest Calculated Daily – Interest for HELOC repayments is calculated daily at a variable rate that fluctuates according to the prime rate. So, when rates fall, so do your payments.
  • Pay Off Faster – Our ‘Fixed Payback Plan’ helps you pay off your HELOC debt faster using regular fixed payments. Unlike minimum payments, such a system ensures you are debt free sooner. Homeowners can also decrease your HELOC limit to control excess spending. Remember, the best debt is no debt!

Is HELOC for ‘You’?

We recommend HELOC to homeowners who have at least 35% of equity in their homes. Credit scores are not a huge hindrance in securing home equity line of credit. Talk to our associates directly and check your eligibility yourself.

Canada MGC – HELOC Experts at your Service

For years, we have been serving Canadian residents, providing them valuable financial assistance. We are the trusted source of thousands of Canadians who want to break free from debt. We provide:

  • Smart Borrowing solutions
  • Simple Application process
  • Safe and Secure
  • Credit Counseling
  • Online Access

Call us at 1-866-963-CMGC (2642) and get in touch with our HELOC specialists